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Soly Skin™ - Ginseng + Retinal Eye Serum

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Transform your skin with our revolutionary eye serum!

Our eye serum targets fine lines, improves skin elasticity, and provides long-lasting moisture!

This eye serum combines ginseng extract and retinal to effectively diminish wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity around the eyes. This powerful formula revitalizes the delicate eye area, reducing signs of aging while ensuring minimal irritation.


  • 10% Ginseng Root Extract: In ancient Korean medicine, ginseng earned divine status. Historical luminaries, like Hwang Jini of the illustrious Joseon Dynasty, revered its potent qualities. Ginseng's rich saponin infusion swiftly saturates the skin, nurturing profound health and bestowing enduring radiance.

  • 2% Retinal Liposome: Our retinal liposome' technique involves breaking down retinal into smaller elements and enclosing them in liposomes with natural lipids, oils, and ingredients like glycerin, niacinamide, and cholesterol. This innovation synergizes for a highly effective product that transforms skincare routines.

  • Glides Smoothly Under the Eyes: Crafted to glide smoothly over delicate under-eye skin, our serum offers a soothing, refreshing experience. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue, ensuring a comfortable, radiant finish

Soly Skin™ - Ginseng + Retinal Eye Serum
Soly Skin™ - Ginseng + Retinal Eye Serum Sale price£14.00 Regular price£26.00